Route 1

The Secret of the Ispán (Count)

The town of Veszprém and the area around it used to be the centre of the royal estate. Mainly, it was the seat of the ispán or count, the leader of the castle district.

The ispán was appointed by the monarch, and they had administrative, judicial and military functions. Their quarters were in the fortified inner castle. In times of war, the ispán was the commander of the troops raised in the castle district.

The ispán’s official duties were: administrating the royal county, maintaining law and order by applying royal decrees and laws.

Description of the game

During the tour you will need your skills, knowledge and common sense to solve the riddles and secrets. By doing so, you will gradually reveal the secret of the ispán.

After solving each riddle and answering each question correctly, you will get a key as a reward.

Use all your ingenuity and skills, and help us to defend the castle by collecting the right number of keys!