This game was created in the framework of the project Reveal YouropEaN Cultural Heritage, shortly ENriCH, supported by the Europe for Citizens Programme

Young people from five cities in five European countries took part in the events of the Veszprém-led project between 2018 and 2020. They got acquainted with several aspects of the cultural heritage of the project cities and discussed what protecting tangible and intangible cultural heritage means to them.

Among other things, the events provided a great opportunity to think about the possible benefits of living in a multi-ethnic settlement, the interaction between one’s local and European identities, the ways culture can boost the economy, and the manifold interaction between the participating settlements, historical events and the rich cultural heritage of our continent over the centuries.

During the project city maps were created, based on young people's ideas to present the local heritage with a new approach. Among them the map of Veszprém bears the title “Act like a Veszprémer”, and served as a basis of this city exploration game, offering three walking routes.

The game

To participate in the game you can choose any of the three tours and take a very interesting and cosy walk in the town. There are cca. 15 stops in each tour. To be able to find them there are several hints: the name (address) of the stop, an old picture about the place and the city map. Should it be a bit more difficult to get to the next stop we put descriptions into the text as well. You will be able to answer most of the questions only if you are on the spot – that is our motivation for you to take the tour.

Please remember: safety first! During the game pay attention around you, look up from your cell phone while walking.

Route 1

The Secret of the Ispán (Count)
(Veszprém Castle)

Distance: 1,5 km

Length: 1 hour

Level of Difficulty: easy

Route 2

The Necklace of the Queen

Distance: 2,5 km

Length: 1,5 hours

Level of Difficulty: medium

Route 3

Watch your Fire, Save the Water
(Séd Valley)

Distance: 3,5 km

Length: 2 hours

Level of Difficulty: medium

Good advice:

Should you be interested in a more thoroughly guided tour, you can gather information about local tour guides at Veszprém Tourinform. There are several spectacular places, buildings and stories in town to discover!

If you feel like reading more about the city’s history and sights, there are numerous readable books in the office as well. We have compiled a collection to start with:

  • Szelényi Károly: Veszprém (English – German) 
  • Faa Judit: Mysterious Veszprém – all roads lead to the Castle / Titokzatos Veszprém – Minden út a Várba vezet (Hungarian, English, German) 
  • Walking tour in the historical town – sortment of the postcard collection of the Eötvös Károly County Library / Séta a történelmi Veszprémben – Válogatás az Eötvös Károly Megyei Könyvtár képeslapgyűjteményéből (Hungarian, English, German) 

Hope you will enjoy the tour! 

We wish you a wonderful time and good luck with the game!

Created by 

Júlia Fülöp (tour guide) and
Gabriella Németh Andrásné Farkas (master teacher)The concept of the map and of the city exploration game were developed by Hétfa Research Institute.

Editing, creating texts on the ENriCH project:
Anna Knauer (Project Coordinator, Municipality of Veszprém)

Photos: Veszprém Kaleidoszkóp, Fortepan (except: photos of Route 1 Stop 10,13,15) Photos provided by Hajnalka Márkusné Vörös (Head of the Local History Association of Veszprém County and Head Archiver of the Veszprém County Archives) Route 3: introductory photo and photo of Stop 2: Gabriella Németh Andrásné Farkas Photos of the evaluations: Balázs Török