Route 2

The Necklace of the Queen

Veszprém is often called “the city of queens”. The first queen to be crowned here was King Stephen’s wife Gisela. She liked the town so much, that she had let built a private church. Many queens over the centuries were crowned here by the bishop of Veszprém. The bishop held the title “The Queen’s Chancellor”.

Description of the game:

The town of Veszprém is about to welcome Queen Elisabeth and Franz Joseph I of Austria. Honouring Queen Elisabeth’s contribution to the Austro-Hungarian Compromise, the town of Veszprém would like to present her a pearl necklace upon her arrival. Unfortunately, the necklace breaks, and the pearls roll all around the town.

Help us find all the pearls. Answer correctly and get a pearl for each correct answer. Use all your knowledge and cleverness to make the Queen’s necklace whole again!