Route 3

Watch your Fire, Save the Water

Our route leads us to the valley of Séd brook. It had cut a 60-80 m deep valley into the dolomite plateau.

Our ancestors first settled here in the valley, and then gradually took over the plateau. 

Walking along the brook you will not only enjoy the beautiful view, but you will also learn about the history of our 1000 year old town.

There are only a few settlements in Hungary that have as many history related locations, monuments and buildings as Veszprém.

You have the Castle Hill as a lighthouse for navigation.

Let’s start the tour!

The starting point of this walk is in Köd Street opposite the bus station, in the centre of the town. 

Use the map. The entrance to the forest is at the end of Galamb Street near the bus station.

Description of the game:

A fire has broken out in the town of Veszprém. By overcoming the hurdles, you can draw a bucket of water out of Séd brook. 

Your task is to collect enough water by the end of the tour to put out the fire.